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London’s pulse may never slow down, but with Market Car Service, you’ll always stay ahead of the pace. Discover the ease of personalized transportation, where your time is our priority. Embrace the freedom to move, explore, and arrive in style with Market Car Service – where every journey is a celebration of unparalleled service. Experience the luxury of seamless airport transfers, where punctuality meets professionalism. Our dedicated team ensures that your journey is not just a ride but a smooth, stress-free transition to your destination. With a fleet of top-notch vehicles and a commitment to excellence, Market Car Service is your ticket to travel without compromise.

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Botis OgnqnovBotis Ognqnov
16:56 09 Mar 24
Please fix this adres they are 2 flat in one house !
Olu AderinboyeOlu Aderinboye
21:12 27 Nov 23
Their drivers are very patient and kind.
Chris EracleousChris Eracleous
11:29 23 Nov 23
Very good service friendly and polite thanks Market cars
Marzena BocusMarzena Bocus
07:36 20 Nov 23
I just called and booked taxi. The time of pick up was 35 minutes from now.
keisha stonekeisha stone
01:59 23 Aug 23
No empathy and rudeness-Booked a taxi to take me to hospital for emergency. I thought they accepted card because most cabs or taxies usually accept card payments. This man (taxi driver) was being very disrespectful, rude and aggressive demanding for me to pay 8 pounds in cash. He knew I was not feeling well because I had to go to the ER. He made a huge scene at hospital and show no empathy forced me to go the cash point to give him money when I don’t feel well. He called his boss which was a lady and put the phone on speaker and they made it seem I stole money from them or wanted a free ride which was not the case- all i remember her saying to him was “ MAKE SURE SHE PAYS” said it over two times in loins speaker and aggressively. The taxi driver didn’t even help me going to the hospital when I was close to faint/pass out. These people had zero empathy, they didn’t care about my health and well-being… in fact he wanted to charge me an extra two pounds for waiting 15m at the hospital. Made it seem it my fault being sick….Just becareful ladies and gentlemen. The woman and taxi driver are very aggressive, no empathy and rudeness
Wanessa KwiekWanessa Kwiek
16:40 30 Jun 23
was good till yesterday I order a taci is coming in another place then I cancel because was to late because I had appoitment next day I called they said my number is black listed call from another one they said I know that you the same person very unfeiendly lady im blacklisted because you make a mistake
Alicja MirucAlicja Miruc
23:13 05 Jun 23
horrible experience. i was informed by the cab driver before arrival that cash payment was accepted, upon his arrived i was turned away and told card only. he wasted my time and was incredibly rude. definitely don’t recommend.
Nerissa CaesarNerissa Caesar
21:28 25 Oct 22
Market Cars is a very local car service and my family has used them for years; so when the need arose for three airport trips to be made recently, I didn't hesitate to book with them. I will not however be making this mistake again.I had three airport trip bookings with Market Cars between 15th September and 18th October 2022. None of them were great, but this review is to highlight the appalling service on 18th October. It is important to note that for each of the bookings at least 2 weeks notice was given to Market Cars, and for the trip on 18th October a £40 cash deposit was paid without hesitation, in advance at their request, in their office in Edmonton.I landed at Gatwick South Terminal shortly after 23:00 last Tuesday. Having pre-booked my cab with Market Cars I expected the driver to be waiting for me when I exited the doors into the arrivals area. Alas, there was no Market Cars driver there. I called the office, and they spun me a tall tale about how there had been a serious accident on the motorway, and that my driver was on his way but couldn't get to me. How coincidental that in line with their normal business practice, there was no SMS text message waiting on my mobile when I landed to notify me that my driver had been dispatched, and that the dispatch notification was only sent by the office at 23:50; after I had called to find out where my cab was. I was not collected from the airport until shortly before 1am the following morning.In addition, the office had originally quoted £100 in total for the booking. This consisted of £90 for the fare, plus £10 for the airport car park. When I was settling the payment at just past 2am, the driver told me that I had to pay an extra £5 for the airport car park. I was exhausted by this time and had absolutely zero fight left in me to question this, so I just paid it.I do not like to leave bad reviews but feel it is necessary to do so in this case, as Market Cars showed absolutely zero concern for my safety or wellbeing, as a solo female traveller being stranded at the airport in the dead of night. I would recommend avoiding them altogether, but especially do not book any airport trips with this company as it is clear that they will happily take your money, but do not have the capacity to support the delivery of a professional and reliable service.